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Research and Development

HyCare MS Schippers

In our vision, an integrative preventive health management concept – such as HyCare – contributes to (further) reducing antimicrobial resistance and prevalence of zoonotic diseases, which are both concerns from a public health perspective.

In addition, our motivation is that HyCare results in better life for the animals (welfare) and more profit for the farmers (economy). We are continuously working to optimize and substantiate HyCare in collaboration with universities, other companies and clients. A few examples are described below.


The objective of this project is to obtain effective management strategies for preventing and controlling hepatitis E at farm level, resulting in less infected pigs delivered to the slaughterhouse. Hepatitis E is a zoonotic disease and strict biosecurity measures are expected to reduce disease prevalence in pigs. This 4-y project is conducted in collaboration with multiple private and academic partners, and part of ‘One Health for Food (1H4F)’ in the strategic program of TKI Agri&Food.

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HyCare 2.0

The objective is to further optimize pig health by improving the living environment of pigs, especially focussing on air and water quality. Using robust RFID technologies, data on animal health (incl. antibiotic treatment) and living environment can be logged and each pig receives an individual ‘passport’. Ammonia and odour emission are reduced via a combination of techniques. MS Schippers collaborates with several partners, including KMWE, Seratech, Jacco Hoekstra Consultancy, GD Animal Health and HAS University of Applied Sciences.

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